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PDA Digital option

This year Sensy has developed a new and modern approach for the readings of its digital standard reference transducers. The signal transducer is digitalized via a 19 bits converter. After digitalization, the signal can be read by means of a Bluetooth interface on a PDA or Smartphone (currently) running with Windows Mobile. This type of reading also provides a high level resolution, stability and precision. A small measurement program is shipped as a standard feature together with our digital transducers. By introducing the certificate ISO 376 function, gross measures can be automatically corrected and converted on the PDA screen.

If choosing SENSY SOFT-ISO376, software (at an extra cost), apart from avoiding the need to have a costly and certified electronic device available, you will also benefit from a database that will adjust the conversion curve to the No. of the transducer connected to your computer. It will be no longer necessary to calibrate your converter, given that your converter is already an integral part of the transducer calibrated upon certification.


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