6205 non-rotary reaction torque meter Contact
6105:Static torque meter with clam
Static torque meter with clam
6205:Non-rotary reaction torque meter
Non-rotary reaction torque meter
6305:Static torque meter for ratchet wrenches
Static torque meter for ratchet wrenches
6500:Static torque meter for screw guns
Static torque meter for screw guns
6205 : Universal non-rotary torque meter

Universal non-rotary torque meter offering precision, sturdiness and simple operation

  • Broad capacity range: from 300 to 2,000 Nm
  • Easy to install, compact overall dimensions and structure
  •  IP 65 Protection (IP 54 en 10 et 20 Nm)
  • Stainless or nickelled steel
  • Some of the available options:
    • High temperature (180 °C)
    • Certified ATEX EEx ia IIC T4 / T6 (explosive zone)
    • Amplified output signal: 0..10 V ou 4..20 mA
    • Double gauge bridge

Model 6205 by SENSY is perfectly designed for the following operations :

  • Torque measurement on machines
  • Torque control or limitation of on industrial processes
  • Calibration of screwing systems
  • Laboratory torque measurement


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